Academy group formed at NMMU

The Outcome Document of the 2nd meeting of INTERPOL’s Fisheries Crime Working Group’s sub project on Capacity Building and Awareness Raising (FCWG CAPproject) required the formation of a focus group, provisionally named the “the Academy group”, to provide the to be formed Nelson Mandela Metropolitan...


Spanish Authorities Arrest Fishing Crime Leader

Environmental group Sea Shepherd reports that Spanish authorities have arrested six people, including Antonio Vidal Suárez, a leader in the Vidal Armadores organization, on charges relating to illegally fishing for Antarctic and Patagonian toothfish. Sea Shepherd’s Captains Peter Hammarstedt and Siddharth Chakravarty have congratulated the authorities....


Transnational crime in the fisheries sector tackled by global experts

Large scale criminal activity in the fisheries sector is rampant and highly lucrative. With these crimes frequently being of a transnational and largely organized nature, the sector is vulnerable to multiple issues including illegal fishing, corruption, document fraud, and human trafficking. The reality, as evidenced...


Crackdown on Poachers in Antarctica Continues

Internationally Wanted Toothfish Poaching Vessel, Kunlun, Detained In Senegal. The crackdown on poachers in the Southern Ocean continues with news that authorities in Senegal, West Africa, have detained the internationally wanted toothfish-poaching vessel, Kunlun. Reports allege that the Kunlun had previously falsified its registry, claiming Indonesia as...


Co-operation can turn the tide against illegal fishing

MOST South Africans are unaware of the work done each day by hundreds of fisheries law enforcement officers, who risk their lives fighting ruthless criminals operating in organised networks. The criminals’ activities put at risk sustainable economic growth, undermine coastal communities’ livelihoods and threaten food security....


Sharing Electronic Resources and Laws on Crime

PescaDOLUS will be collaborating with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Vienna, in 2016 to populate the fisheries crime component of the Wildlife, Fisheries and Timber pillar of its SHERLOC portal. The Sharing Electronic Resources and Laws on Crime (SHERLOC) portal is a UNODC initiative to facilitate the...